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Gently clean and care with Fairy Non Bio for Wool & Delicates

  • Extra care for your wool and delicates
  • Dermatologically accredited
  • Approved by the Skin Health Alliance

Your fine and delicate fabrics deserve a little extra care. Whether a silk shirt, woolly jumper or delicate lingerie your special garments need Fairy Non Bio Wool & Delicates for hand and machine wash.

Soft on skin and gentle on fabric, our Fairy Non Bio Wool & Delicates formulation renews softness and volume while preventing shrinkage, stretching and shape loss to natural and synthetic fibres. In addition, fuzz is reduced keeping your garment better for longer.

Wash your wool and delicates by hand or with the hand wash cycle of your washing machine. When hand-washing, leave heavily stained clothes to soak for a while.

Download Fairy Non Bio Wool & Delicates Safety Data Sheet here>

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