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Formulated for colours and whites. A new range to add to and complement your existing laundry routine.

Fairy Non Bio know that tough stains require a tough stain remover, but we also know that you want products that are kind to your skin.

There is now a range of products which fulfils the requirements of those who require effective stain removal combined with mildness. So whether stain removal or gentleness are your priority Fairy Non Bio has it covered… stains are gone, skin is respected and cared for, with clothes left huggably fresh and clean.

Available in two easy to use methods - powder and spray… stain removal has never been so easy and gentle.

When using Fairy Non Bio powder or spray stain removers, stains including grass and mud, make-up, food, wine and many more are removed when our stain removers are used either before washing or in wash as part of your laundry routine.

Fairy Non Bio Ironing Water leaves clothes smelling great and makes ironing easier whilst protecting irons from limescale.

Combine with the other Fairy Non Bio laundry products for extra gentleness for your sensitive skin.

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Stain Removers

Removes a wide range of stains whilst being kind to sensitive skin and gentle on clothes.


Makes ironing easier and reduces limescale, as well as leaving your clothes smelling amazing.

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